At Factory Moda, we offer a diverse range of high-quality products for You, Your lifestyle and your family! Our winning formula is a combination of high quality, innovative yet affordable products.

Factory Moda products are designed with everyday people in mind offering practical, smart and reliable value-for-money Home solutions. We continuously strive to corroborate the products which we bring to your Home are manufactured from non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials.

We strongly believe that things change dramatically along the way, but one thing that holds together at Factory Moda is our dedication to quality, choice, reliability, and service.


Dream Mommy is our North American brand of adorable and unique newborn/ new mommy gifts and products of first-class quality. We provide a dream collection of new baby essentials in eye catching designs that are uniquely inspired by North American heritage culture and nature.

Le Cusinier our exclusive brand of everyday go-to Kitchen accessories and products. Our indispensable brand new home & kitchen products endeavor to add value to your daily cooking occasion.

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